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I am a management and an organizational consultant, with 20 years of international experience supporting companies, executives, and non-profit organizations in the development and implementation of their strategy and change processes. One of my main strengths is my ability to combine creative methods with my analytical skills to help my clients and their companies grow and solve their problems.



I have lived and worked in five countries. I am fluent in German, English, and Spanish. I have often contributed to the internationalization of companies.


As a project manager and an Advisor to the Executive Board, I have managed change processes and have designed and implemented processes in numerous companies. Strategic development is one of my strengths.


As a rating and a financial analyst, I have analyzed companies, products and funds in a wide range of industries and sectors (including software, real estate, construction, renewable energy and water to mention just a few). I can come to grips with different topics quickly.



As a daughter of an artist, I had the possibility to develop my creative skills since childhood. I have combined my creativity and my analytical skills to the development of new processes, structures, methods, and products


Leadership 4.0 & Positive Leadership

Leadership has been one of my focuses for a decade. Why are some organizations more successful than others? It is a consequence of employees’ sustainable performance, which is a consequence of employment satisfaction and the culture of the company among other factors.

An holistic approach

Why it is good to have a holistic view:

Some clients attach great importance to specialization. Specialization is good when working in a stable environment and focusing on only one task. However, if you must deal with a variety of tasks and/or you are exposed to a dynamic market environment and need strategic answers, specialization might not be the solution to your problems. This is one reason design thinking – a method whose effectivity relies on a multi-disciplinary team – has become so popular recently.


  • Companies ranging from start-ups in the growing stage to large-size companies
  • Non-profit organizations :
  • Managers and individuals as an Executive Business Coach

¿Qué más?

Me dedico desde hace siete años al tema del entrenamiento de la atención a través del yoga, meditación y la investigación sobre el cerebro y su impacto en nuestras vidas.

My services


Organizational Consulting and Interim Management

Organizational Consulting

  • Organization and team development
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Change Management
  • Process consulting
  • Internationalization
  • Moderation
  • Third party consultation for conflicts
  • Executive Business Coaching
  • Leadership 4.0, Zen Leadership

Interim Management

  • Project leadership and project management
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Change Management
  • Process development and Business Analysis
  • Asset management and real estate



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