Organisational Consulting
Interim Management
Executive Business Coaching


„Due to my multi-faceted experience, I can help your organization in different areas for which you would normally need different consultants or interim managers, from finance to recruiting personnel and most other functions.“

Organizational Consulting

  • Organization and team development
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Change Management
  • Process consulting
  • Internationalization
  • Moderation
  • Third party consultation for conflicts
  • Executive Business Coaching
  • Leadership 4.0, Zen Leadership

Interim Management

  • Project leadership and project management
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Change Management
  • Process development and Business Analysis
  • Asset management and real estate


Executive Business Coaching

I understand you. As a long-time executive, I know exactly the problems you face every day, to mention a few: strategy development and implementation, change management and employee resistance to change, time management, work-life balance, multitude of projects that must be managed simultaneously, team development, conflicts with employees, managing-down, managing-up.

The importance and role of leadership has changed and will change even more. Digitalization, industry 4.0, an increasingly complex environment, and different generations and cultures in the workplace make the role of modern leadership more complex than ever.

My approach as an executive coach is to support you (and your executives) as an external consultant and a critical thinker holistically, with themes ranging from change initiation and management to team development.

As a consultant, I bring a new fresh perspective to the way executives think and act. These new perspectives strengthen leaders in their role and contribution, which translates into added value to the organization.




Strategy development

The future offers opportunities. I will help you to explore these possibilities in a targeted way and to plan the goals of tomorrow.

Strategy development comprises several core processes: After analysing the initial situation, alternatives for the future are identified and evaluated. This creates a common picture for the entire organization and for the joint implementation and evaluation of the strategy. This complex process must take account of many aspects, from employees to technology and market situation. My systemic approach focuses on mobilizing and leveraging existing resources and the creative potential of your organization.


Strategy implementation

On a list of 80 difficult tasks for business leaders in Europe, Asia, and the US, implementing strategies is the first priority. Up to three-quarters of large companies struggle with the successful implementation of their strategy. (Source: Harvard Business Manager)

As an implementation expert, I help you not only in the search for your suitable strategy, but also accompany you and your company in its implementation.

Change Management


The only constant is change“

In a world that is changing rapidly, becoming more international, more global, and more versatile, executives and companies must constantly change. Stagnation means regression.

With my systemic approach and business management expertise, I facilitate change processes in your organization either in a national or an international context. I attach great importance to an efficient change process, without losing sight of the company’s structure and culture.

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    To look outward without losing sight of your organization’s roots and identity is how you can become globally successful, whilst preserving your company’s identity and culture.

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    Process consulting

    You need to develop, change, or redesign your processes? I can help you with process consultancy and business analysis (strategy and architecture).

Project leadership and Project management

Projects are an important tool to achieve your strategic goals. Through effective project management, you can achieve enormous advantages for your company.

  • Good project managers create added value for your company:

    • They give impulses through a new external perspective.
    • They are key in creating a good project architecture and neutral in the moderation of workshops.
    • They minimize costs by using resources efficiently.
    • They ensure the achievements of goals within a reasonable planning horizon and within the budget.
    • They motivate the project members to achieve a common goal.
    • Sie motivieren die Projektmitglieder, ein gemeinsames Ziel zu erreichen.


Process development and Business Analysis

You need to develop, change, or redesign your processes? I can help you with process consultancy and business analysis (strategy and architecture

Investment management and Real estate

Real Estate has been one of my focuses since 2006, and I have 11 years of experience in the investment industry. Your company can take advantage of my expertise.


  • Companies ranging from start-ups in the growing stage to large-size companies

  • Non-profit organizations
    Since 2008, I have worked for various social projects. As a juror and coach (startsocial) as a consultant (for different social Businesses including Yunus Social Business and a number of associations) and as volunteer. As a consultant, I help associations to professionalize their work and to get big projects off the ground.

  • Managers and individuals as an Executive Business Coach